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by Cyril0321 on 2011/03/01 18:57

I didn't know Sadarion lived in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle! So that's why he's a little weird? =P
I hope you can swim!
by Falmosta on Mar. 3rd at 3:33 AM
I spy people in NY 8D And Remn in the ocean. o__o
by AkaOkami on Mar. 2nd at 5:22 PM
owo my sexy lives in a wondeful place. I know his were abouts... YOU SHALL NEVER KNOW!!! Unless he tells you xD. Hmmm that seems like a cool place to live. Ghost ship Anyone ;3
by Cloverless on Mar. 2nd at 3:16 PM
Uhhh actually I think Link's right...isn't the Bermuda Triangle uh...closer to Bermuda? lol xD
by MrCudlyPoofs on Mar. 2nd at 3:06 PM
I think the Bermuda Triangle is a bit more south of that
by MMLink on Mar. 1st at 10:53 PM
WTH? Bless You Man lives THERE? O___O Holy crap, that scares me a little XD!
by Thelio on Mar. 1st at 9:23 PM
COOL I LIVE NEXT TO BLOOD (by like 50 miles)
by Healing Gibby on Mar. 1st at 8:20 PM
Lmfao.'re a mad genius! (Avatar Reference 8DDD!)
by MrCudlyPoofs on Mar. 1st at 8:13 PM
Sooooo BarAepos Slim ;3
by Mbun on Mar. 1st at 7:52 PM
By the way this map is from the guild roster. You can put your longtitude and latitude for fun on the map! :)
by Cyril0321 on Mar. 1st at 6:57 PM