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High on Pot

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High on Pot

by BloodEternity on 2011/07/22 15:40

I chugged down exactly 100 wound potions instantly and look what happened :o
Wow, that STR is pathetic.
by MMLink on Jul. 26th at 10:22 PM
Look at that int D:
by Motsumoto on Jul. 25th at 4:45 AM
@ Cyril: I did it for the 20% on potion mastery @ Saya: Don't worry Saya, I'll actually start ranking music skills for INT next rebirth. :D
by BloodEternity on Jul. 22nd at 10:31 PM
Well at least you're not suffering from wounds anymore! =P
by Cyril0321 on Jul. 22nd at 5:14 PM
arent we smart?
by ♥ Saya ♥ on Jul. 22nd at 4:32 PM