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Slapping Romeo and Juliet since 2011.

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Slapping Romeo and Juliet since 2011.

by Sophia00 on 2011/07/18 17:39

Yeahhhh It's loltastic 8D
The two red dots look scary....That could only mean one thing, you didn't finish off the boss! D:
by AkaOkami on Jul. 21st at 5:53 AM
Maybe~ And i didn't notice those 2 red dots under the "video camera" o_o
by Sophia00 on Jul. 20th at 9:20 AM
Did you took that picture with a video camera?
by Jehuty00 on Jul. 19th at 4:41 PM
by ♥ Saya ♥ on Jul. 18th at 6:52 PM