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supermoon by jhmf

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supermoon by jhmf

by jhmf on 2011/03/19 23:02

backyard at my house
I used to stare at the sun for long periods of time when I was very young. I liked the colored spots I saw after I closed my eyes. lol I think that's why I have poor eyesight now. Well but maybe it's also just genetic, my dad has bad eyes too! xD
by Cyril0321 on Mar. 22nd at 2:13 AM
._. i thought it was tonight I fail
by Cloverless on Mar. 20th at 10:49 PM
idk mabye i got bad luck/
by jhmf on Mar. 20th at 3:27 PM
... The moon i saw last night was WAY bigger than that. i could see the Craters on the moon too
by Sophia00 on Mar. 20th at 1:25 PM
*wolf howls* I like looking at the moon, mostly becuz I can't stare at the sun x3
by AkaOkami on Mar. 20th at 9:46 AM
I thought it would be bigger! I can see it from outside now too, wasn't as big as I hoped it to be! It does seem really bright though!
by Cyril0321 on Mar. 19th at 11:22 PM