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re: App: Amarilis

The application submitted by Amarilis is as follows:

Please read all parts of each question and answer every part of each question on the application as thoroughly as possible. Please proof read your application for spelling mistakes before you officially submit this application.

What is your character's name?:

What is your character's race?:

Have you applied to Visions in the past?:

How long have you been playing Mabinogi?:
Almost 4 Years

What is your time zone? Where are you from?:

What is your total character and exploration level? (????/????):

List some of your skill highlights! (combat skill ranks, life skills, magic skills, etc):
Grandmaster Archer, like support, GM Apotecary, potion maker, upgrading life.

How did you hear about Visions?:
A Friend told me about it, Ruufus.

What are your past guilds? List all of them and the length you've stayed in each one. Also include the reason for leaving your past guilds. :
I mostly had been at KAMINARI since I Started Mabinogi, its a guild where most players are from Brazil. Unfortunatelly most of my friends left the guild, some only are there with alt characters, so I decided to search for another one. It was an amazing time, and they helped me a lot, but only a few players remain and I like playing with Guildies.

What features of Visions attracted you in? Why are you applying to Visions?:
Ruufus and Keldren told me about Visions, and it's proposal, to raise the comunity again, Id like to join because I,ve heard about your efforts to bring the comunity back together again and want to be part of it.

What kinds of activities do you usually do when you are online in Mabinogi?:
I work at my Homestead mostly, its ready for all life skills training. Spend hours gathering herbs and making potions, bandages... I Also love Shadow missions, and Lord Caverns, Just beginning to participate at raids, dragons and Avalon raids for items.

Any other things you would like to mention which would be helpful for your application? Were you recommended by any members that already in the guild? :
Ruufus and Keldren where the members who told me about the guiid, we spend a lot of time chatting at Discord. I had been away for a while, but came back a month ago and now I decided to really became strong at Mabinogi, I like helping newbies to get stronger as well, have a lot of patience to explain and help at basic missions, but not interfere at the player development, just aid and guide, so they became strong by themselves and dont give up on the game when they face difficult tasks.

Have you contacted Cyril0321 or Foodfoodfood?:

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