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re: App: Valkary1


The application submitted by Valkary1 is as follows:

Please read all parts of each question and answer every part of each question on the application as thoroughly as possible. Please proof read your application for spelling mistakes before you officially submit this application. What is your character's name?: Krounis What is your character's race?: Giant Have you applied to Visions in the past?: No How long have you been playing Mabinogi?: Since 2009 What is your time zone? Where are you from?: Mountain Standard Time, Canada What is your total character and exploration level? (????/????): 3377/63 List some of your skill highlights! (combat skill ranks, life skills, magic skills, etc): Expert Battle Alchemist, Working on getting all combat to r1 to be able to run a lot better, my magic is pretty low ranked, and I am currently working on life skills IE: Carpentry, Weaving, etc. I have skills such as shock unlocked and I will be working hard to make my giant much stronger to be able to run. How did you hear about Visions?: I have quite a few friends that are within the guild. What are your past guilds? List all of them and the length you've stayed in each one. Also include the reason for leaving your past guilds. : -Brightside (3+ Months) Guild Leader Disbanned
-RAGEFACE (6+ Months) Guild Leader Disbanned
-Spirit (3 ish Months) Left as the guild was becoming more inactive
-Aetheryte (6+ months) Guild Leader became inactive and most members left.
-Mongoose (Still in the guild on my human)

I know I have missed a few smaller guilds that I were in very briefly because the leaders either quit or just left, however the ones I were in for a longer period time were listed above. What features of Visions attracted you in? Why are you applying to Visions?: I enjoy being in a bigger guild due to the ability to run more with other people and make new friends within the guild, the activity of the guild interested me as I always see people in the guild on the game. I like to do runs and activities on the game and I feel a bigger guild with more activity to compliment that much more for me. What kinds of activities do you usually do when you are online in Mabinogi?: I love doing raids such as Mokk, Sylvan, and Black Dragon and I enjoy running shadow missions, dungeons, and newer ones like Sidhe, I am still learning Tech and Phantasm but I would like to run those more regularly once I am capable of it. I enjoy ranking skills and grinding out harder skills such as the crafting ones, and I plan on making all the craft skills rank one, I love helping people when I am available. I also simply just like hanging out with people! Any other things you would like to mention which would be helpful for your application? Were you recommended by any members that already in the guild? : As mentioned above I have a few friends within the guild already, Johancer, Darkchaos305, and Araemra is my fiancee. As for qualities I think that would be helpful is that I feel I am a pretty good team player and I am friendly towards people, I don't like drama nor do I like to be part of it so I try to do my best to make friends of everyone if not most people I cross on the game. (My human Character is Cronous if that is of any importance, I thought I would put that in there just in case) Have you contacted Cyril0321 or Foodfoodfood?: No
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