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re: APPROVED - App: sadaznboy - by Cyril0321


What is your character's name?
What is your character's race?
Have you applied to Visions in the past?

How long have you been playing mabinogi? Did you have long breaks in between?
since 2008, took a year break after saga patch, took 3 year break recently just came back from it.
Do you plan to take any breaks or having any absences from the game in the near future?:
No plans to do so.
What is your total character and exploration level?
List some of your skill highlights! (combat skill ranks, life skills, magic skills, etc)
master mage, r4 blacksmithing, most close combat skills are r1
How did you hear about Visions?*
It's been a while, since I was in Visions in the past. So i don't exactly remember.
What are your past guilds? List all of them and the length you've stayed in each one. Also include the reason for leaving your past guilds.
Lostones 1 year forgotten why I left. Pallyknight 1 year guild was mostly inactive by then. Visions forgot how long I was in but went inactive myself for a time. Statuesque 4 years guild is completely inactive no active players left.
Have you recently applied to other guilds besides Visions? If so, which guilds?
What features of Visions attracted you in? Why are you applying to Visions?
Reapplying after being away for a while, many friends in the guild.
How do you think you can assist in Vision's goal of promoting fun?
fairly active nowadays, usually when not running SMs I'm enjoying music with others.
Any other things you would like to mention which would be helpful for your application? Were you recommended by any members that already in the guild?
Yuxizhang and twilite recommended me to rejoin
Do you understand and accept that Visions' goal is to promote fun in the Mabinogi community? That members of the guild are responsible to contribute, put forth a strong effort, and remain loyal to Visions' goal?*
Have you read about the recruitment process on the main page?*

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