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re: Allenwalker's Introduction


Hello everyone, I joined Visions all way back in 2009 and I did not make an introduction until now because back then, I didn't feel like I had a lot to say about myself. Mabinogi was and still is, directionless and I did not have any definite goals.


But now, my character is nearing end game and so I can finally goof around a bit in this game.


First things first, I've been playing Mabinogi ever since it first came out in March 27, 2008. My name is not actually Allen Walker, my ign came from an anime called D. Grayman.


My goals in the game include:


- Fashionogi! I, like many others in the game are always on the hunt for cool looking outfits to wear.


- Reaching rank 1 of every skill (not including crusader sub skills) 


- Amass a huge fortune of ducats! One of my favorite things to do in the game is commercing, and I am at the point where I pretty much do not need anything from the ducat shop so I now commerce so I can make the claim I have a huge amount of ducats since not many people commerce.


- Collect every sword in the game! Now, there are some rules to my collection. First and foremost, it has to actually be a sword! The game considers many random things in the game to be a sword (such as puppets) and so they are not in my collection. However! if the sword has the word "sword" in it's name, then it can be in the collection. And lastly, certain variations on a sword are considered to be one and the same such as there are "focused" and "bargain" beam swords but I do not have both versions of the same color. 

My reason for collecting swords? I guess you could say I'm role playing as a guy who collects the sword of the enemies he beats.     For instance, one of the bandit leaders have a Calabolg but he doesn't actually drop a Caladbolg. But most importantly, I just think     it'd be cool.

Here are the swords I've gotten so far:   

photo swords 1.jpg

Brionac, Sword of Elsinore

photo swords 2.jpg

Row 1: Long Sword, Fluted Short Sword, Mysterious Phoenix Feather Sword, Phoenix Feather Sword, Obsidian Sword, Dirk, Glory Sword, Ivory Sword, Noble's Sword, Yoshitmitsu, Masamune 

Row 2:Two-handed Sword, Claymore, Ghost Sword, Dagger, Highlander Claymore, Dragon Blade, Lemina Holy Moon Sword, Dragon Fang, Tanto, Katana, Wakizashi, Muramasa   

photo swords 3.jpg

Row 1: Krutta, Great Sword, Battle Sword, Black Dragon Knight's Giant Sword, Scimitar, Royal Celtic Knight Sword, Short Sword, Battle Short Sword, War Sword, Sword of the Goddess, Falcata

Row 2: Liberty Saber, Machete, Hamlet's Sword, Rose's Thorn, Royal Pumpkin Rapier, Romeo's Rapier, Gathering Knife, Broad Sword, Cross Empire Great Blade, Cross Empire Sword, Pilgram Sword, Executioner's Sword

photo swords 4.jpg

Row 1: Caladbolg, Tyfring, Beam Swords (Rainbow, Red, Green, White, Blue), Gladius, Bastard Sword, Royal Crystal Wing Sword, Heart Sword

Row 2: Venom Sword, Tethra, Bone Marine Sword, Liberator Sword, Elucidator, Lambend Light, Dark Repulser, Dustin Silver Knight Sword, Fanatic Great Sword, Demonic Death Knight Sword, Demonic Death Penalty Blade

photo swords 5.jpg


Row 1: Crystal Sword, Gargoyle Sword, Wooden Blade, Green Onion, Hooked Cutlass

Row 2:Dragon Slasher, Vales Great Sword, Beholder's Sword, Beholder's Shield, Lollipop Sword, Ladeca's Short Sword, Eweca's Shield    

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re: Allenwalker's Introduction


oh nice you have Caladbolg. Can I borrow it to give it a try?

lol don't you wish there was a "Dressing Room" for hand items. I have a lot of things I want to store for handhelds too just so I can pull them out for fun when I need to.

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