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re: Killer Queen Redo

I'm giving an idea for an event that's a mabinogi in-game remake of the visual novel "Killer Queen". It's best if there are many players for this event to go well.

Typically, you, along with some other people wake up inside Alby PvP Arena. You have all previously been assigned a "number" and a "mission" by someone known as the game administrator. The game administrator will be among you people in the arena at the center. That person will supervise the game.
You will have to complete the "mission" you receive to pass and leave the arena with a portion of the rewards from this event. Some of these missions will involve killing other players and some of them will involve interacting with them.
You have a time limit of two Erin days to complete your mission. Failure to do so will mean disqualification. Exiting the arena will also call for disqualification.

The missions each numbered person received will be posted on forums before the event begins. They will look something like the form of the actual Killer Queen missions.

A: Kill the player who possesses the Q’s PDA, by any means.
2: Destroy Joker’s PDA, your PDA, within a radius of 1 meter, can force Joker’s PDA back to its default state.
3: Kill three or more players, does not include the death of those via collar activation.
4: Obtain the collars of three other players, by any means. Either wait for the players to clear their conditions or….
5: Pass the 24 check points in the building, this PDA has a unique map that shows the checkpoints.
6: Let the Joker’s function activate 5 times or more. No need to be done by yourself or be close to the Joker.
7: Meet with all the rest of the players, the count starts after 6 hours has elapsed.
8: Within this PDA’s 5 meter radius, destroy exactly 5 other PDAs. If exceeded 5, the collar activates.
9: Kill all the other players, by any means.
10: Activate 5 collars before 71 hours elapses.
J: Survive with a player that has been with you for more than 24 hours until 71 hours elapses.
Q: Survive until 71 hours elapses.
K: Collect 5 PDAs, by any means.

As for the Joker PDA, you will have to contact the game admin at the center of the arena. He will roll two die and the take the sum of the numbers. The person who has his/her number equal the sum of those numbers will be immediately disqualified.
By collar and PDA, we will be referring to the stars you will receive from killing another player.

It's just an idea, really. The layout and commands can be later built if this works. Have fun. lol

To summarize G9 and G12...
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